Reception Process

Reception Process

New residents to Yarl’s Wood often feel unsure about what is going to happen and they may be distressed and disorientated.  We understand this and work hard to ensure that the process of arrival and settling is as smooth and worry free as possible.

1. Welcome

Our specially trained staff welcome new residents and endeavour to put their minds at ease

2. Refreshment

New arrivals are guided to comfortable waiting rooms where a female member of staff performs the compulsory rub down search for all of our women, and, where possible, a male member of staff will perform the search for any of our men.  This search forms part of our safety process to ensure that no items that can cause harm to our residents are allowed into the centre.  After this has been completed our new arrivals are offered a selection of hot and cold refreshment and given the opportunity for a private shower.

3. Booking in

Residents are then booked into the centre.  Staff make notes regarding diet, allergies, religious observance and next of kin which will help us to look after our residents and ensure that their needs are met in the best way possible.

Reception Process

4. Access to shop and activities

To enable the residents to access the centre shop and activities, staff take a biometrical scan of residents’ fingerprints and all residents have their photograph taken in order for them to be issued with an ID badge.  The ATMs, where residents can order meals, book visits, check their Yarl’s Wood account balance and ask questions are accessed via the individual resident’s biometric print.  The shop and the visits hall are also accessed this way.  By using their own unique fingerprint residents have peace of mind that only they can access their information and staff at Yarl’s Wood can ensure that the right resident attends the right legal visit.

5. Speaking to family or friends

Staff undertake one final search of resident possessions to ensure that no harmful items pass into the centre, and give each resident a mobile phone with a preloaded £10 credit, if they do not already own one that does not have a camera or recording facility, and does not have WAP or Internet capability.  The phone card enables our residents to make a five minute phone call to anywhere in the world ensuring that they can let loved ones know where they are.

6. Healthcare

Each new arrival is then seen by a member of the healthcare team, which includes dental and midwifery teams, to discuss medical needs or concerns.

7. Residential units

Residents are then shown to their residential units. We have a separate residential unit within the Centre for adult families. ‘Adult families’ can be made up of parents, adult children, grandparents, aunties, uncles, or any combination of adults who are classed as a family unit in the community.  It is important to note, however, that Yarl’s Wood do not house children.  Our centre only caters for adult residents.

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