Book a Visit

Book a Visit

Visits are a very important part of the Yarl’s Wood day and we encourage you to come and spend time with our residents as often as you can.
Our visit schedule is split into social visits and legal visits to ensure that residents can spend time with both on the same day.

Book a Visit

Social visit times:

  1. 14.00-17.00 (2pm – 5pm)
  2. 18.00-21.00 (6pm – 9pm)

Legal visit times:

  1. 09.00-12.00 (9am – noon)
  2. 13:30-17.00 (1:30pm – 5pm)
  3. 18.00-21.00 (6:00pm – 9pm)

All visits must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.  Visiting rooms fill up quickly and booking ahead ensures that we can guarantee that you will be able to spend time with your client.


Can we request that when you fax any paperwork into Yarl’s Wood for the Residents, can you please put the Residents name on all pages of your correspondence, this will insure all faxed documents are passed on to the Resident named.

Booking a visit

All visitors to Yarl’s Wood must provide identification in accordance with the list below this helps us to identify you quickly and speeds up the registration process. 

All visitors are searched, biometrically fingerprinted and have their photograph taken as part of the visit clearance procedure.  This speeds up the identification process and entering and exiting the visitor centre. 

Social visitors (i.e. personal visitors to residents) must provide one of the following:
- A passport (current or if expired within 5 years of expiry date). This can include foreign passports and travel documents recognised by HM Government.
- European Community identity card
- Photographic driving licence.

Or two of the following:
- Birth certificate
- Marriage certificate
- Rail or bus pass with photograph
- Employer’s ID card or NUS student card
- Young person’s proof of age card
- Trade union membership card
- Senior citizen travel pass issued by a local authority
- Home Office ARC card (asylum support application registration card)
- Benefits book.

Home Office officials or other Government officials must provide an ID card containing a photograph (e.g. UKBA warrant card, or recognised pass to a government building).

IMB members and HMIP inspectors have a statutory right of access to an Immigration Removal Centre. They must provide their IMB ID card containing a photograph.

Representatives of Non-Governmental Organisations are treated as social visitors and need to provide identification accordingly

Legal representatives wishing to visit detainees must make an appointment with the Immigration Removal Centre. On arrival, legal representatives must provide one of the following:
• Any photographic ID, as described in paragraph 16 in the Visits DSO (Link here);
• Identity card issued by their firm or chambers, or business card;
• Be able to identify the detainee(s) to be visited by providing name, date of birth and/or the Home Office case identification number.

Medical practitioners must provide an ID card issued by their Primary Care Trust, NHS or equivalent. Independent medical practitioners may provide identification as per the requirements for social visitors at paragraph 4. In addition, establishments have the right to check independent medical practitioners are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and/or the General Dental Council and our expectation s
that they hold indemnity insurance cover as required by the GMC and/or GDC and hold a valid enhanced Criminal Records Bureau certificate issued within the last two years. It is possible to check a medical practitioner’s status at the GMC website:  and to check a dentist’s status at the GDC website

Remember to bring your ID for each and every visit you attend, failure to provide the correct forms of ID can and will result in refusal of entry to the centre in accordance with this DSO

Inline with the updated property management Detention Service Order (Please click here to see DSO), Detainees who have not reached their allowance may be allowed to accept additional property which is delivered by post or hand delivered by third parties (for example, friends or relatives). IRCs are only required to accept property during visiting hours, and only up to 48 hours before an individual is due to be removed. Centre suppliers may choose to accept property outside of these times in exceptional circumstances/at the discretion of the duty manager

Detainees have a personal property allowance, when travelling on scheduled flights, charter flights or other special operations arranged by the Home Office, of one piece of luggage weighing no more than 23kg. Detainees travelling on scheduled flights may be allowed (depending on risk assessment) one piece of hand luggage for the flight up to a maximum of 5kg. The weight of this hand luggage is in addition to the 23kg allowance. Detainees who are travelling on charter flights or other special operations arranged by the Home Office are not permitted any hand luggage.

To book your visit:

  • Call: 01234 821000
  • Fax: 01234 821096

Introduction of the visitor self-service kiosk

As of Monday 24th June we are introducing a visitor self-service kiosk in VC1, this will allow any visitor who is already enrolled to sign themselves into the centre 30 minutes prior to their visit starting. The first time you attend you will need to be enrolled by our VC1 team. On subsequent visits all returning visitors can use the self-service kiosk.

How it works:

start by selecting the start button

Enter your date of birth as first authentication

Present your biometric print for second authentication

select the Resident you are visiting, and select “Check In”

You will then get a visit slip printed, confirming that you have been booked in. any issues using this system please speak to a member of our the visits team

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