Settling In

Settling In

Arrival process

Because our adult families live together at Yarl’s Wood we are able to move them directly onto the Crane unit for their induction.

Our single ladies, however, move onto a special induction unit known as Bunting.  It is a small residential unit specially designed to house new residents, giving them the opportunity to settle into the centre and familiarise themselves with the centre’s procedures before moving into one of our larger residential units.

When residents first arrive, on both Bunting and the Crane unit, they are given a brief tour and informed about meal times, roll counts and other key information.  We then show our residents into the wing office to explain the meal ordering system and give them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Next, we show our residents to their rooms and provide them with a hygiene pack containing essentials such as soap and toothpaste. 

Settling In


During their first three days at Yarl’s Wood centre, all residents are given a full induction.  We clearly explain the rules and procedures for the centre, the facilities available and outline what the residents can expect from us and what we expect from our residents.  Each new resident is given the time to ensure that they understand the information and are able to ask questions.

Residents are given an information booklet, with versions available in 12 languages, that contains all of the information covered so they can refer back to the booklet for information at any time during their stay with us.
The induction staff on Bunting and Crane are also able to guide our residents to information regarding legal forms, legal information, legal aid and help contacting Immigration with any issues and concerns.  It is also their role to inform residents of the different bodies available that can help with concerns regarding religious affairs, counselling and welfare.

The primary role of the induction process is to ensure that all residents are provided with the knowledge, support and tools they will need during their time with us at Yarl’s Wood.


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