Dealing with unresolved issues outside

Some residents enter the centre before they have been able to resolve issues outside, which can be unsettling.  Our on-site dedicated welfare officer assists residents in the successful resolution of issues such as missing property, outstanding bills, money related issues and other unresolved matters

The welfare officer works alongside external support groups such as: Bedford Credit Union, who offer advice on banking issues; the British Red Cross, who offer a tracing service to residents who have lost contact with their loved ones in the UK or abroad; and the Police Liaison Officer, who offers general advice on reporting crime and grievances and takes statements from residents in relation to any allegations they make.  It is our policy to be open and transparent at all times and so we welcome the police within the centre whenever their presence has been requested.


Assisting residents who wish to return to their native country

Some of our residents wish to return to their native country but require financial assistance and support in order to do so.  Our welfare officer is able to guide residents through the application process for schemes that will support them in this endeavour such as: Facilitated Returns Scheme (FRS), which is open to Ex Foreign National Prisoners; and Choices, which is organised by Refugee Action. Both of these organisations can help residents resettle in their country of origin and assist with short term accommodation needs, education or setting up businesses.

Through these schemes hundreds of people from various backgrounds and religions have been able to restart their lives once they have returned to their native country.


Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre