There are three residential units for single women at Yarl’s Wood.  Bunting houses all new arrivals in single bedrooms with en suite facilities, where residents stay for about three days to complete their induction and develop an understanding of the centre facilities and procedures.  They then move into either Avocet or Dove for the duration of their stay, staying in twin bedrooms with en-suite wet room and toilet. 

There is one residential unit for adult families at Yarl’s Wood, the Crane unit, where the twin bedrooms including en-suite wet room and toilet, have connecting doors so that all members of the same family can live in a suite of rooms.  It is important to note that Yarl’s Wood only house adult families.  All rooms are furnished with wooden furniture, lockable wardrobes, TV/DVD and Freeview.

In addition to bedrooms each of the residential units contains a dining room, two laundry rooms, a day room with microwave facilities and a further lounge with TV for relaxing in a social environment.  Telephones can be found on each unit and fax machines are available for residents to make contact with legal representatives.  Each resident can fax up to 30 pages to their legal advisors at no cost.  Any additional pages can be paid for through the shop.



Catering at Yarl’s Wood is undertaken by our team of experienced chefs who provide three fresh meals a day; a breakfast of toast, freshly made porridge, cereals, jams and spreads, a choice of both hot and cold meals for lunch, and dinner with soup, main course and a choice of pudding or fruit.  We also run a night café where residents can get a hot drink and a cake or biscuit.


Our shop is stocked with an appropriate mix of both food and non-food items that address the cultural needs and requirements of the residents who are with us at any one time. Staff and residents work hard together to put forward requests and suggestions for new products. Our shop is stocked with items ranging from drinks, snacks, fresh and tinned fruit, to culturally appropriate toiletries and make up. 


Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre