Yarl’s Wood introduce the WIN project

WIN is a complete programme for residents that will encompass all aspects of fitness, nutrition and health. Individuals can self-refer or be referred by a member of staff. They will be assessed by the Counselling team to find out which route into WIN they wish to take.
Residents will meet up with staff on a one to one basis and a personalised plan will be drawn up. The whole programme can be completed within a month or be continued for longer.

Residents will receive a membership pack with information cards covering all areas of the project including Mind-set, Nutrition, fitness and health when they join the project.
Certificates are awarded on completion of each section and incentive gifts i.e. sports water bottles, sweat bands and WIN shop vouchers with the WIN logo on, this will help promote the scheme. These items are awarded as they progress through the program.
On the day of the launch residents attended the sports hall in the afternoon, where the WIN team members actively promoted the project and answered any questions. Stalls and activities were available such as hand massage, use of the multi-sensory tent and Healthy snacks. Healthcare staff were also available to offer mini health checks for residents.
Yoga and Zumba sessions were held. Zumba proved very popular with the residents. There was also live cooking demonstrations and residents could taste the food prepared. A raffle was held for those wishing to be part of the program and the winners each received a healthy eating plate. This type of event has the aim of educating the residents of Yarl’s Wood IRC with key information and knowledge that will equip them with essential skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Residing in Yarl’s Wood is most often a stressful time for the residents so this is an event that will attempt to engage the residents positively and help promote a healthy mind and body.

The launch day was a success with many residents having an enjoyed day and excited for future involvement in WIN

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